Julian CD Wombat

Julian CD Wombat G-WBAT / G-BSID

Registration: G-WBAT / G-BSID
Country of origin: UK
Built: St. Merryn, Cornwell, UK, 1991
Manufacturer: Chris Julian
Engine: One 62hp Rotax 532-VL2V 2 stroke engine

Type: Single seat light autogyro

Note: Sole prototype of a development of the Bensen autogyro design by UK speedway rider Chris Julian.

Details: The Wombat light autogyro or gyroplane was developed by former speedway rider Chris Julian from the Bensen design which originated in the United States. Julian used his engineering experience as a gyroplane pilot to introduce a series of improvements including a more powerful three bladed wooden pusher propeller, aluminium alloy rotor blades and air frame, and a monocoque composite cockpit enclosure.

A restricted permit to test was issued by the Civil Aviation Authority on 4th November 1991 and flight trials began at St. Merryn airfield in Cornwall. Thereafter the aircraft was flown intermittently until May 1997, when Julian was killed in an unrelated gyrocopter accident at Kemble, Gloucestershire.

Ownership of the Wombat then passed to Mark Harrison, a resident of Brecqhou in the Channel Islands, who became the registered owner in July 2000. However he eventually abandoned plans for further development and donated this one-off prototype to The Helicopter Museum in July 2013.

Capacity/load: 1 Person
Powered by: 1x 62hp Rotax 532-VL2V two-stroke piston engine