Turbomeca Turmo Engine

Turbomeca Turmo Engine

Country of origin: UK
Built: Leavesden, Herts, England, c. 1972
Manufacturer: Turbomeca / Rolls Royce Engines
Engine: 1,575 hp (1,175 kW) Single-stage axial centrifugal two-stage compressor, and two-stage power turbine

Type: Turboshaft engine

Note: Used in Super Felon and Puma helicopters.

Details: The Tubomeca Turmo turboshaft engine is a descendant of Turbomeca's pioneering Artouste design and was developed specifically for helicopter use. The initial Turmo design licenced by Bristol Siddeley was developed as the Nimbus for use in the Scout and Wasp helicopter. The Turmo III in mid the 1960s was used in the Sud Aviation / Aerospatiale Super Frelon helicopter, and the Turmo IV developed in the1970s used extensively in the SA 330 Puma transport helicopter. Over 650 Pumas were manufactuered between 1978 and 1987 for the French Army, the Royal Air Force and export customers.

Three Turmo IIIC engines each of 1550 shp are used in the French Sud Aviation / Aerospatiale Super Frelon helicopter, and two Turmo IV of 1575 shp in the SA 330 Puma. The engines for the RAF Pumas were built in the UK by Rolls Royce

A Super Frelon helicopter can be seen here in The Helicopter Museum.