Wright Cyclone R1300-3

Wright Cyclone R1300-3

Country of origin: USA
Built: Detroit, Michigan, 1953
Manufacturer: Kaiser-Frazer under licence from Curtiss Wright Corporation
Engine: 700hp, 7 cylinder Radial Engine

Type: Radial Piston engine

Note: Used in Westland Whirlwind HAR.3.

Details: Wright Cyclone 7-cyclinder engines were used in Sikorsky S-55 helicopters in America, and early Whirlwind helicopters built under licence at Yeovil by Westland. 25 Cylone powered Whirlwinds were produced for the Royal Navy and they were designated HAR.3.

Most of the Whirlwind HAR.3 aircraft were later converted to take the Gnome turbine engine (HAR.9 for the Royal Navy aircraft and Series 3 for civil aircraft). Only one HAR.3 (XG574) survives and is currently in storage at the FAA Museum, Yeovilton.

Details on the I.D. plate are:- USAF & BuAer (Bureau of Aeronautics) model R-1300-3. (R = Radial engine - 1300 is the displacement in cubic inches (2.3 litres) - 3 is the version number. Accepted 7-14-53.(14 July 1953), Engine Number K.F.480399. Another serial FAA5E-14 has been stamped on after manufacture. This is most likely to be a Fleet Air Arm reference number