Brantly B.2B

Brantly B.2B G-ATFG

Registration: G-ATFG
Country of origin: USA
Built: Frederick, Oklahoma, 1965
Manufacturer: Brantly
Constructor's Number: 448
Engine: One 180hp Lycoming VO360 engine

Type: 2 seat light helicopter

Note: A Brantly B.2 featured in the James Bond movie 'You Only Live Twice'.

Details: The Brantly B.2 was originally developed and built at Frederick, Oklahoma, USA as a two-seat light helicopter for private ownership and pilot training use. It first flew in 1953.

It introduced a unique main rotor control system with lag and duplicate flapping hinges placed outboard of the rotor head at the end of aerodynamically-faired stub arms. This simplified the rotor head and reduced the vibration level through the dynamic system. Since the majority of lift from a rotor blade comes from the outer portion, the shorter blades on the B.2 did not cause any significant reduction in performance.

A second feature on the B.2 was the drive from the main gearbox, which did away with the usual rotor mast. Whilst this resulted in a very low rotor disc, especially when the helicopter was at rest, it also gave a low centre of gravity, reducing the risk of a roll-over during takeoff or landing.

Improvements to the basic design eventually led to the B.2B, which introduced a new cockpit canopy and other minor changes. The B2B was trialled by both the US Army and the British Army as a possible training aircraft, but its lasting claim to fame was a role in the James Bond movie 'You Only Live Twice', when an all-black B.2B was used to fly the chief villain to his secret hideaway inside a volcano somewhere in the Japanese archipelago.

Some 500, B.2 and B.2B helicopters had been produced and a number are still operational in the USA, Canada, China and the UK. G-ATFG was acquired by the Aviation Preservation Society of Scotland and kept at The Museum of Flight, East Fortune, near Edinburgh, until, in 2003, when Elfan ap Rees agreed to purchase it. The Museum has two B.2Bs on display G-OAPR / N228OU and G-ATFG.

Powered by 1x 180hp Lycoming piston engine
Max. Speed: 161 km/h (100mph)
Range: 400m (236 miles)
Empty Weight: 463 kg (1020 lb)